We run an educational programme that is like no other!

Originally funded by the National Lottery, we are now in our second year of the programme, and we are able to teach our beneficiaries the essentials that they may not have fully understood when taught in formal education. Starting from the very basics of reading and writing, each individual has an initial assessment, and our highly skilled tutor formulates a programme tailored to that person, incorporating all teaching aids and assisted technology that is required for that individual’s success.

 There are no crowded classrooms where everyone is prying for the teachers’ attention, or where other disruptive students are interrupting the class, or stressed and overwhelmed teachers who are struggling to cope with their workload. It is just the tutor and pupil, on a one-to-one basis in a purposely bought classroom designed and laid out by the service users themselves. Occasionally there may be two pupils in the classroom if there are other courses being taught by other specialised tutors.

 The success rate since we have started this programme has been phenomenal! From base line assessments to where they are now, not one service user has stood still. Each and every one of them has made more progress in 12 months than they did in their formal schooling of 10-11 years of their childhood. Parents and carers are absolutely flabbergasted and delighted that their kids are now picking up and reading books, writing notes, and shopping lists and recognising numbers and letters in their everyday lives which gives them a whole new outlook on life, and how to navigate the world they live in.

AQA Award Ceremony - December 2023!

In December 2023 we held our first Award ceremony for our lads to celebrate all the hard work they have put into their classes! They all had many certificates each and it was great that all their families and carers could come to watch them on this very special occasion. We are very proud of them all, coming on leaps and bounds and taking more steps to becoming more independent!

The amazing Louise Walmsley! Tutor to the lads and in the background is Ruth Tonkinson who comes in to help  teach the mathematics skills! Both totally amazing people!