Everyone at COGS loves to join in with the woodwork sessions, and we are extremely proud of the results. The new woodwork area is a great place to get to grips with using various tools including hand and mitre saws, electric drills and screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, set-squares, an electric sander, tape measures, spirit levels, clamps and pliers. Everyone gets to use the tools, no matter what disability they have.

COGS Woodwork onsite

All the woodwork projects that we do end up in two places. The first catergory of projects are those that enhance the Memorial ground where our base is. All raised beds and planters are made by the woodwork team and Evolve participants and are made from scratch, from measuring and cutting the timber to assembling it and painting the end product. Below are some examples of our onsite woodwork.


The picture on the left is of the team building a retaining wall in preparation for the new poly tunnel. The whole frame was erected by the gardeners with supervision.


The bench on the right needed a purpose built area for it to be situated in. The woodwork team laid the slabs themselves, measured and cut down the round wooden stakes and cemented them in a lovely sloped array to compliment the bench.


The long raised bed on the left was designed and built into the bank on the memo grounds. It gives a splash of colour to what was otherwise a dull strip of grass.


The project on the left was a huge winter project. Our existing raised vegetable bed sides had shown signs of corrosion and had started rotting at the base. We started to replace the half rounds in one section and soon realised that the entire bed sides needed replacing. So replace them we did! Slowly we removed each section, cut new half round timber and assembled them again section by section.

The large raised bed on the right was a test for the woodwork team. The idea was that we designed and built a bed that ran alongside the driveway to separate the grass from the concrete. The bed had to curve round the drive way as well as be level on sloped ground, which isn't obvious from this picture, but the team embraced the challenge and did a splendid job! As you can see, it didn't take long for it to planted out with a stunning display of marogolds.

COGS Woodwork for customers

Although the woodowrk team are happy doing projects for the Memorial grounds, they asked if they could do some smaller projects that we could sell to the public, which as a charity, helps brings funds in. It didn't take long for them to research and choose the designs they wanted to do, and start producing them. Below are some examples of the products we make for sale to the public.

The planter on the right was an unusual design that we wanted to try. It has four seperate sections that are designed to hold stones, sand or some other potting up medium and would be ideal for small alpine plants. Alternatively you can pop a plant complete with pot into each section for a lovely display.

This planter is weather treated in natural stain.

Price - £25.00


 This is a planter we made for a customer who requested a speciality paint. The team thought it looked stunnning, and the customer was really pleased with the result.

Price - £65.00


These planters on the right are a pleasure to make. The thickness and solidness of the timber makes it suitable for many planting options. It is an ideal planter for a small tree, to keep it contained, or just crammed with colourful plants to make a lovely decorative planter.

These planters are fully lined and weather proofed with a natural stain.

Price £40.00


We also do a range of mini planters that can be bought empty or planted up with plants, depending which we have in stock. Contents may vary.

Prices from £3.50 -£9.00